Guilt-free screen time that kids and parents love

Prickly Bear makes learning fun for kids by using rewards in their favourite games as positive reinforcement.

Prickly Bear is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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Prickly bear mascot jumping

How Prickly Bear works

Kids spend time learning on their screens to earn Bearbux

The more they learn, the more Bearbux they earn

Bearbux are redeemed for virtual currency in the games they love

Prickly Bear partners

What people are saying

Asif, 12, UK
“When’s the next one coming out, I can’t wait!”
Jameela, 9, UK
“OMG – easiest way to get Robux, ever!”
Angela, UK
“Ah, finally a way I can buy that Fortnite stuff for my daughter without feeling guilty!”
Joanne, UK
“Hell must have frozen over, my son asked me for permission to study on his screen!”
Arthur, 12, UK
“Lol… I liked the questions and the lady was really funny!”
Richard, UK
“My daughter really enjoyed it and was motivated by the gaming credits”
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